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Black & Decker sand machine manual

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I own a Black & Decker sanding machine which I've owned for a while. I purchased a new motor for the sand machine on FixPart but I wasn't able to find a manual on there. I'm going to build a new closet soon and I want to fix the machine in order to work on the project.

Would anyone happen to know where I can find a manual for Black & Decker sand machines? I live in Germany, but I asked around and can't seem to find a solution hence why I'm seeking information on here.

I really hope someone can help!
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G'day @danjans , welcome to the forum...
Would you like to introduce yourself in the "Introductions" section, so we can understand a bit more about your router uses?

Do you have a model number for that machine?
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Welcome to the forum.
Hi, glad you decided to join the fun. You can search this site, but definitely a model number is required.
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