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This is a question from a newbie, so bear with me.

I have a few times experimented with template creation from where it's trivially simple to make a dovetail (or other) template.

But! I simply do not understand what to do after creating the template, and printing it to scale. In other words "How to use it". It has the text "Print - Fold over Wood, cut through paper template". But nowhere is a simple illustration of where to fold, and how this is supposed to look.

Can anyone who has used these templates share a simple photo / video of the template in use ?

Thanks for any help.
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I took a quick glance at that. I believe that this template is more for saw and chisel than router. The lines on either side of the Xs would be wrapped around the end of the work. Quite difficult to pull this off nicely without practice. I would read up on "hand cut dovetails" first. According to some posts, dovetails can be troublesome with a router and a jig.
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Marking and cutting accurately by hand takes a lot of practice to get a good clean result.
I have just bought the Axminster UJK dovetailer and a De Walt router.
Does a variety of joints dovetails and rabbets and with great results.
Welcome to the forum, @paulrspencer42

I have a Gifkins dovetail jig which works very well...
Welcome to the forum @paulrspencer42
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