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Bob and Rick's Router

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Which router are they using in the table on their show? That is a big rascal and looks easy to use.
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Depends on which series your watching. I've seen Hitachi,Dewalt,Porter Cable and one non branded one, there may have been more.


So far I've only seen the series run on the woodworking channel and I've only seen them using the Hitachi.
"Which router are they using in the table on their show?"

Here's a tip off, looks like they tried them all out at one time .

Bj :)
I have only seen the one on the WW channel also. It is big and green, so it must be the Hitachi M12V.
Bob, the router used on the shows depend on who the sponser is at the time. More than likely it is a Hitachi. Maybe one painted purple at one time or another.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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