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BobCAD CAM V32 Now Available

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We just released BobCAD CAM V32 last week, to learn about all the new features use this link :

There are many new features that help programmers of all skill sets, but IMO the following features will have the biggest impact on people that program cnc routers.

Document Templates
One drawback cnc router programmers had with the BobCAD system was, having to setup stock and the machine zero at the start of every job. New to V32 is document templates which allow uses to save projects as templates. This shortcuts the programming process by saving geometry, layers, CAD tolerances, Stock, Tools, Job Tree and more. Fast tracking programming for parts or jobs that use the same zero, stock, tools and more.

Job Tree Templates
Similar to the document templates, the Job Tree template allows uses to save the CAM Tree and it's features. This is a fast was to capture and re use standard machining features for future projects. At the start of a machining Job users can choose from templates they saved.

Default Parameter Templates
Another draw back users faced when programming cnc routers was the default options of the machining wizard. BobCAD is a universal programming solution, but mainly used by the chip making market. With the said, many of the default settings are best for metal working vs woodworking. New to the V32 is the ability to save the machining wizard default options and settings. Again saving you time by allowing users to customize defaults that make most sense for their machines and applications.

User Defined Machining Templates
Another big time saver and next level customization is the user defined machining templates. For the last few years we've offered users the ability to save machining features for future projects. The draw back was the workflow. They would save and load features outside of the machining wizard. New to the V32 is the ability to save machining features and their settings at the wizard level. Now when you want to use a customized machining features you'll see it listed in the strategy section of the wizard. Again saving time and making it easier to program parts.

These are some of the new features that I feel will have the biggest impact on cnc programmers. To learn about all the new features download a demo and see for yourself.
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