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I have the same table. Not the best one out there but I've had it for a long time and it works. I've gone through several iterations of how to adjust the fence. The method I use depends on how far the fence has to be from the bit. For short distances I use a Wixly mini height gauge like this one Wixey WR25 3" Mini Digital Height Gauge - Saw Gauges - I use it to set my bit height and lay it on the table with the "feet" against the fence and gauge against the front of the bit. I can then move the fence forward or backward very precisely as long as it's in the range of the sliding gauge.

For larger distances I use a somewhat similar method but it's a little kludgier. I put a 6" metal rule across the opening in the fence. (You could also just slide the sides of the fence closed but the rule if faster). I then lay my digital caliper with the slide extended next to the bit and touching the rule and use some blue tape to hold it down. I can them move the fence and see the change on the caliper. This isn't quite as accurate as the first way since the measurement is next to the bit, not from the middle of it. However, I personally haven't had the problem since I've never had to adjust the fence a miniscule amount for a large diameter bit. As I said, a bit kludgy. And, needless to say, I always make test cuts along the way with a piece of scrap that mimics the work piece.

If you really have a need for super accurate cuts, which it sounds like you do, a micro adjuster is probably the best way to go. I haven't looked at any to see if they'd work with the 1181.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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