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Bosch 1181 Warped Plate

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Hi, all.

New to routing and got my first routing table, the Bosch 1181. I liked it because it fit in my small workshop space and it looks like it will fit into my table saw wing (another project). I'm just unpacking and setting it up today and I noticed that the router plate is a little warped, bending inwards lengthwise (concave). If I raise the center leveling screws to where the center is level with the table, the plate rocks like a seesaw. The table itself is acceptably flat. It's a shame the plate is not.

I have a feeling you guys are going to tell me to ship this thing back, but figured I'd post before I went down that path. Perhaps I'm missing something. Maybe calling Bosch is an option.

Thanks, everyone.
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If the plate is noticeably warped I would call them.
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