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Bosch 1604 1/4" collet

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Hello all, new to the fourms, was doing some googling and came across the site, tons of good information here. thanks.

I have been looking for a 1/4" collet for my bosch 1604, its an older router, and i had one at one time, seems to have gone missing..... I a currently looking for a replacement collet, i had ordered a few from amazon none of which worked, seems they only work with the 1604A. My question is, can i find a replacement collet some where else, does anyone else make a compatible collet for the older 1604? i really dont want to use an adapter, but i guess if thats my only hope i will have too.

thanks in advance for the help
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Hi Jason and welcome. Possibly at Elaire. I believe that is the same collet that fits my DeWalt 610 model. The dimensions are within a couple of thousands of what I've been able to measure on the 610 collet.
Welcome Jason. My first inquiry would be with Bosch themselves. Give them a call and ask about replacement parts. Going directly to the manufacturer is always a good first contact because they can tell you if the product is still supported. And they can usually get the proper part, which may have been replaced with a more updated, safer part. I suspect unless it's really old they may well have your collet. Again, welcome to the forum.
Jason, Welcome to the Router Forums.

This is the same link Charles posted Elaire Corporation -Router Collets

Scroll down to the bottom and those WK collets are the ones you are looking for.
this is perfect, thank you all for the help.
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