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I also had a bad experience with the Bosch1617EVSPK. It only took 5 months for a brand new router to encounter the same problem. I had the switch replaced but my confidence in this router and in Bosch has been greatly reduced. Would I but another Bosch tool? Not likely.
Too bad you feel that way. Bosch makes a lot of really top notch tools, has amazingly good customer service, and is hard to beat without spending several times their price.

Blowing a router out is pretty routine practice. Think about how insidious dust in in your shop. Pull boxes off the most remote shelf in your shop and you find sawdust. Its a miracle that any switch works after a year or two in the shop. Did you know that OSHA says the most dangerous dust environments in woodworking are home shops? That's why you see so much discussion of dust collection on this site.

I have 2 1617s and have never had a switch problem. To me the Bosch is by far the best affordable router out there.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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