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I have a Bosch1617 router with a RA110o collet adapter that takes Porter Cable types of bushings.

I also have a dovetail jig that requires a 3/8 O.D. bushing.

Until this afternoon,I used a Samona bushing to do dovetails,but it broke and I am looking for a replacement.

I do not want to buy a whole kit as I already have one that I never use and I only need the 3/8 bushing.

I cannot use the Bosch bushing as it is 3/8 Inside diametre (I.D) and I need 3/8 outside diametre.

I bought the Freud bushing that is all around town (Quebec city) but it protrubes from my router base.

Any idea which brand of bushing would fit on my router (3/8 O.D.bushing)?

Many thanks from: "Stalled in the middle of my project"

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Here is a picture of the bushings available from Lee Valley.

They are 1 3/4" bushings, however the 1 3/16" (PC bushing) are similar.

On the left, is the 3/8" O.D. brass template guide and on the right is the 3/8" I.D. brass insert.

The template guide #46J91.13 is 3/8" O.D. x 9/32" I.D. x 5/16" high.

Hopefully this will clear up your concern.

:cool: Ric :cool:


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