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This is just a quick review of how to take apart a Bosch 1617EVS For needed repairs.

You will need a 2.5mm Hex wrench to remove the top case of the router.
If you need to replace the brushes you will also need a pair of needle-nose pliers.
If you need to replace the brush holders you will need a philips screw driver.
If you need to replace the upper bearing you will need a 4mm hex wrench and gear puller.
If you want to remove the switch you will need something to pry the switch from the housing, I used a putty knife.

To begin use the 2.5mm hex wrench to remove the 2 screws holding the top case in place. (see pic1) These 2 screws are threaded in to plastic and are tight when removing them. The top case can now be removed. (see Pic2)
In the picture you can see the hole where you removed one of the screws. You can also see one of the screws holding the power cord in place. If you need to remover the power cord you use the 2.5mm hex wrench you used to take the top case off. You can also see 1 of the screws in the recess that you remove to pull the armature from the spindle.

Before you remove or disconnect anything make a sketch or take pictures of the wiring so you know where everything is connected.

(see pic3) The white piece you see is one of the 2 brush holders. (see pic 4) You see the speed controller, it lifts easily from supports in the top. You also see the other brush holder.

At this point if you need to replace the brushes, use the needle-nose pliers and remove the electrical connector for the brush (see pic5). Pull the wire from the retaining slot to the front of the holder (see Pic6). Now take the needle-nose pliers and grasp the end of the brush retainer (see Pic7) and pull to the right until the brush just clears the holder (see Pic8). You can now remove the brush. to remove the other brush follow the same procedure.

If you need to remove the brush holders, (STOP RIGHT NOW ... Did you make a sketch or take pictures of the wiring? If you did not do it now.) Pull the blue wire connector up and a long flat bar will come out. (see Pic8a) On the other brush holder pull the black wire connecter up and this also has a long flat bar connecter. Leave the bars connected to the wires, there is no need to remove them unless the need to be replaced. Remove the white wire connector from the brush holder you pulled the black wire bar from. Now remove the 2 screws holding each brush holder with the philips screw driver. You can now pull the brush holder straight up and out of the router, (see Pic9) this is the brush holder.

If you need to replace the upper bearing remove the 2 screws located in the recesses on both sides of the router shell with the 4mm hex wrench. (see Pic2 ... you can see the screw in the recess) Now you can remove the shell. You now have access to the upper bearing. (see Pic10) This one came apart (see Pic11). To replace the bearing use the gear puller to remove the center of the bearing from the spindle. (follow the instructions for the puller you are using)

To remove the switch push the edge of the blade of the tool you have decided to use under one side of the switch (see Pic12) and pull out, the switch can now be removed from the hole in the shell (see Pic13). To completely remove the switch disconnect the black wire form the switch (see Pic14). If you are going to replace the switch remove the flat bar from the end of the blue wire and keep it to use when you install a new switch.

To put it all back together just reverse the order in which you took it apart. Make sure all wires are connected properly and there is nothing left loose inside the router.

I hope this is helpful for anyone wanting to make repairs on their router to save a few dollars to buy more router bits .... or save up and buy a new router.

Remember ... Work Safe, Have Fun, Cut Some Wood



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