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I recently picked up an Oneida Dust Hood for my Bosch 1617EVS with RA1166 plunge base and I should've paid closer attention to the reviews as this hood doesn't work with the guide bushing adapter. I'm about to route a bunch of dog holes in MDF and was hoping to cut back on some of the dust that is going to be generated.

There's this adapter on the Bosch website but it says it's for the 1613. I can't tell if the description means it's for the 1613 with the RA1166, or it will work with the 1613 or the RA1166 (separately):

And this one for the 1619:

All the accessories listed on the Bosch 1617EVS product page are router bits.

Do either of the above hoods fit the 1617EVS plunge base (RA1166) and if so, are they compatible with the guide bushing adapter? If a Bosch adapter is no longer available, does anyone know of a compatible 3rd party adapter that will work with the guide bushing adapter?

Woodcraft sells the 3 pc dust kit for the 1617EVS but I already have the fixed base and edge forming hoods.

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