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One more question?

Thank you guys for the info. I went ahead and bought the Rockler router table assembly that was on special for 229.00 with 20 percent off. I am spending too much time as a beginner building a table and not learning the tool. I can buy plates later as I need them. I can also build a larger table later. I just have a few projects to get done before I give them as presents.

Anyway, they table is press board. It is exposed on the underside and edges. I have a basement that gets water leaks and I also live in Atlanta. GA, where is is very humid. Do you guys recommend adding a lacquer or polyurethane coat to the exposed wood to seal it? Would I even need to do this?

I would seal only the exposed MDF edges with PVA glue or oil-based filling primers.
I would not do anything to the underside as it may cause the table to warp since you cannot also do the same equal treatment on the top surface.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts