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Hi, The base for that is about $53 and includes a key. The setup works OK, but you must loosen the clamp on the base, set the aproximate height of the bit, then the key uses the fine adjustment knob to set the final height. I looked the base up on Amazon. RA1165

Most router lifts start at about $200, but they allow you more easily to adjust the router to any height, including for bit changes in most cases

There is one other option to consider, which is the Triton TRA001, which sells for about the same as the 1617 and the RA 1165. It is a more powerful router by one hp. but is is particularly good for in table use. It has a number of safety features, and the lift is built in. To use it in the table, you remove a spring (simple) and it's ready to go. You could use it freehand as plunge router, but it is too beefy for me to manage it that way. I used the 1617 in the table for several years, then switched to the Triton.

I didn't understand why people had several routers until I freed up my Bosch from the table. It is really nice to have more than one because I don't have to mess with taking it in and out of the table. Much more convenient to use.

Just more input for your consideration. You can't go wrong with the 1617 in the EVSPK kit, which comes with the fixed and plunge bases. I just looked it up on Amazon, for $218 a bit less than they used to go for. : bosch 1617evspk
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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