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Bosch Collets

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I have 2 collets that I have no use for because I don't have the router they fit. One is 1/2" #2 610 906 289. The other is 3/8" #2 610 906 294. Both are for Bosch models 1615,1615EVS,and B1550. They've been around a while but are new. If anyone has a need for them, PM me and we'll work something out.
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Rusty, I think these also fit the Bosch router pictured in this link?
These were called the standard Bosch guide bushings and are no longer shown on the Bosch web site. Can you measure the OD please?
Hi Mike,

These are collets not template guides. I needed a 1/2" collet for a Bosch 1613EVS that was recently given to me. I found what I needed on EBAY but the purchase included the other two that I have no use for. I got all three really cheap and thought I'd just pass the extras along to someone who needs them.
Gosh I'm glad I can read! This tells you I spend too much time here and not enough sleeping.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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