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Bosch DLR165K Manual

Company: Bosch
Company URL: Welcome to

Tool Information:

  • Precision Laser Measuring Technology - Laser beam does both pointing and measuring
  • Pocket-Sized Only 4" tall
  • Four Measuring Reference Points - Back, front, swingout extension pin for measuring from inside corners or channels, or center of optional tripod
  • Three Measurement Systems — Feet and inches, decimal feet, and metric
  • Length, Area and Volume Measuring Capability —
  • Continuous Measurement Mode — Measurement automatically adjusts when walking-off distances
  • Continuous Laser Mode — Reduces the number of key strokes when making rapid sequence of measurements
  • Indirect Length Measurement Mode — Calculates inaccessible distances that cannot be measured directly due to obstruction or lack of reflecting surface using Pythagorean theorem (a2 + b2= c2)
  • Limited 3-Year Warranty
  • Ergonomic Soft-Grip Area — For sure grip and comfort
Source: Digital Laser Rangefinder Kit/ Model: DLR165K

Note: If you are unable to open PDF documents, please download Adobe Reader for free! Download link: Adobe - Adobe Reader download - All versions


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