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bosch gex125 ave

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may i ask for a report on the Bosch random orbit sander GEX125 AVE as it is called in australia? It is called a ROS65VC-5 in the US. Is it as good with a 6 inch pad? Can Merca style sand paper be used with it with top dust extraction?
Thank you
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I have and rely heavily on both the 5 and 6” versions of the BOSCH, (3727DEVS and ROs20VS respectively in the US) and am quite pleased with the performance of both.

Rather than use the dust collection tray that BOSCH provides both are connected to the main DC when in use. That requires opening a side port to increase airflow but it works very well.

Although they provide a 6” pad with the system, I would be concerned about motor and bearing wear re using a 6” pad as well as evenness of sanding on the outside edges.

I do use the Abranet brand of the Mirka sanding sheets and do believe they help with dust control. That does require that you use their PRO PROTECTOR PAD however. Not a great additional cost and does seem to wear well.

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