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The collet for a 1617 fits on my Hitachi M12V2 and my VC. It also fits maybe a dozen DWs. Here’s that thread: I also have an older M12V model which has a collet that bears a striking resemblance to an older Makita, as does the rest of the router. There seems to be only so many so I suspect that all are manufactured by specialty companies and not by the router maker. One piece of info about collet makers mentioned Superior Electric and I googled them and came up with a match but couldn’t find collets as one of their products. Which means that it could be the wrong company or that they make collets but only sell to manufacturers that use them and therefore don’t advertise them on their website.

I’ve used the bushings for years without issue. Some members have had issues especially ones who were working professionally which makes me wonder if the bit and bushing got fairly hot and the metal stretched and loosened the grip which might have been fixed by period checking tightness of the collet but?
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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