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I agree to give Bosch a chance to make it right. I used to have the 1617PK but sold it because I just had too many PKs - the DW 618PK and the PC 893PK (I know shame on me, you never have enough).
If you ever you need a dedicated above the table plunge router I would strongly recommend the DW621 or if you need a brute the DW625 is my recommendation. I have both of them and have no complaints. For my table routing I use a Milwaukee 5625.
Years ago I had the Milwaukee 5625 in my first router table. Darn good router.At the time it was the only one out that had the above the table adjustment using the factory base and that was the reason I had one. But it was a real workhorse.
I have used the Dewalts, the only thing I could not get used to was the rectangular bases, otherwise they were good.
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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