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I hate to be a stinker here but my Shark HD Pro CNC Router came with a Bosch 1617 EVS. The big nut on the bottom of the router that proably holds the bottom bearing in place was cracked. The router did not come with a base. I bought a replacement Bosch 1617 EVS and took the old, but working, Bosch out and put it in the new base. I figured I would use the Bosch if I had a nasty job to do. The new router has not impressed me. I have several Porter Cable 890 routers and personally I prefer them. The PC has been a standard for a long time and the router bushings are available every where. I started with a PC 690 and it came with a plunge base and a fixed. I took the rack off the 890 routers and the 690 base works. I have a D handle, plunge and several fixed bases.

That is why there are Fords and Chevys, everyone likes something different. So if you like the Bosch that is great but if the repair is too great of a cost or in the future you want a second router think about the Porter Cable 890 kits.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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