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I received an email from CPO that they have the Bosch REAXX table saw, with job site Wheeled stand available. I have or will soon have two router tables with 4 routers, a compound sliding miter saw and a benchtop radial drill press. I am trying to greatly expand my woodworking activities (only partly to shed my "Forum Freeloader status:grin:)
Quick opinion: is this table saw a worthwhile addition?
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I have the Bosch 4100 contractors saw as a second TS , and it is a very well built saw. Mine also came with the mobile base, which I didn't use. It took up too much space in the shop,and I don't transport the saw , so I built a cabinet to set it on top, the cabinet has castors so I can move it around easily.

To answer your question...YES...GO FOR IT.
Be sure to post a review so we can all drool.

Herb I have the same outfit and did the same thing...built a cabinet for my saw which gives me quite a bit of much needed storage space . I did the same with my router table and again I acquired a lot of extra storage space.
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