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I received an email from CPO that they have the Bosch REAXX table saw, with job site Wheeled stand available. I have or will soon have two router tables with 4 routers, a compound sliding miter saw and a benchtop radial drill press. I am trying to greatly expand my woodworking activities (only partly to shed my "Forum Freeloader status:grin:)
Quick opinion: is this table saw a worthwhile addition?
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I have the Bosch 4100 contractors saw as a second TS , and it is a very well built saw. Mine also came with the mobile base, which I didn't use. It took up too much space in the shop,and I don't transport the saw , so I built a cabinet to set it on top, the cabinet has castors so I can move it around easily.

To answer your question...YES...GO FOR IT.
Be sure to post a review so we can all drool.

Herb I have the same outfit and did the same thing...built a cabinet for my saw which gives me quite a bit of much needed storage space . I did the same with my router table and again I acquired a lot of extra storage space.
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An update in my adventures in tablesaws: CPO shipped a new one and as I was beginning to write this post the UPS truck arrived and the driver brought it in. Having a wheelchair accessible front door has it advantages! There was about 1/2 inch (1 cm) clearance on each side as he wheeled it in on his dolly. This box is is in much better shape than the first box. Now I just need my son and his friend to help unpack it and I need to get a permanent mount built for it that makes the table about 30 inches above the floor.

There were suggestions from @Cherryville Chuck and @DesertRatTom regarding blades that seems to have gotten lost so I repeat what I had said before, and hope to get comments and further suggestions:

"I currently own a Timberline blade for plastics. I am looking into the Freud blades. I had not previously considered the glue line blade. I had considered the Freud 10 In. 50 Tooth Combination Saw Blade with 5/8 In. Arbor (LU84R011) blade and maybe a finish blade along the lines of Freud D1080X Diablo 10" 80-tooth ATB Finish Saw Blade w/ 5/8" Arbor & PermaShield Coating".
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I think what I have to say here deserves its own post.
Everyone makes mistakes, so the criteria for judging a company, person's performance etc cannot be do they make mistakes, it must be how do they deal with mistakes; what do they do to remediate mistakes.

I am impressed more than I can say that once CPO authorized the return, and the process that led to the return authorization, that CPO Bosch not only paid for the return shipping, they sent the replacement before they received the defective one. So CPO Bosch has a very high reputation with me.
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