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Bowl turning Part 4 The End

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Hi there fraternity
Well that’s my bowl Turning days over

After some minor initial success my career as a turner extanour came to an abrupt end with me experiencing the catch of all catches on a bowl I had just started.

The result being I am sitting up in bed a Ninewells hospital sheduled for surgery tomorrow morning

I successfully ripped my index finger open from end to end. Top and bottom and even managed to smash the bone into pieces at the same time.

I can’t point the finger at anybody as it was my lack of experience in fact I can’t point the finger at all.

Will be in special splints for a couple of months and I now have a wood lathe being retired on orders of my good wife. Can’t say I disagree with her as it was to date my worst inflicted accident and pretty traumatic as well.

Can’t give enough praise to the hospital stall. Arrived at A&E at 2pm and was assessed and scheduled for my operation next day by 4pm
Luckily here in the UK health care is free so don’t have the additional burden of costs. They had me on the table and brought in plastics surgeon that special isles on rebuilds to hands. The X Ray shows that the bones were in confetti and I’m out of action for a few months providing the healing takes

Unfortunately for my wife we are going to be spending a lot more time together. She hasn’t realised it yet

She was right about the COM being chump of the month

I think she asked the surgeon if recovery would be quicker if they just cut the finger off.

What’s left of my finger is suspended in the white bag in the photo. It has to be kept above the heart at all times

So lads, no projects to write about for quite some time, but I have a feeling that the amount of time spend together may throw up something interesting , although she has been extreme attentive, but I suspect that is just to speed up the recovery time.



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You didn't need to go to that length to get out of being contributor of the month!

Hope the healing process goes well, and that you're back to normal in no time at all.

*** CAUTION- when you are in your splint after surgery, be careful driving. As someone who had a splinted middle finger on his left hand, I was forever banging it when I was making left turns while driving. It hurt so bad you would have thought I wouldn't make that mistake twice, but... ***

Pray you have a speedy recovery!
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Dang Colin, you really did a complete job on it. Hope your healing goes well, and be cautious while it heals.


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Sorry to hear about that,Colin, did you type that long dissertation with the other good finger? I hope that is not your dominate hand,and they gave you something for pain. Man you are going to have to go through a lot of therapy to learn how to use your repaired finger when it heals up and sees the light of day again. That is a real bummer,I am not a turner, but just seeing how they chuck up a fire wood log in the center of the long ways gives me a shudder just flopping around until they get it to a round.
I sincerely hope it heals good and fast and that you can return to the shop in the near future.

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