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Bowls for Christmas

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My Sister-in-Law asked for a bowl for Christmas. Either a bowl no bigger than a cereal bowl, or one big enough to display fruit. Well, after making the small bowl, I wanted to make a larger one. I basically made square end grain checkerboard cutting boards, 2 for each bowl. Then I cut rings from the two cutting boards, with one ring slightly smaller than the other. The solid center piece from the larger ring became the solid bottom of the bowl. The small one is 5 1/2 inches diameter, and the larger one is 11 1/2 inches. Woods are Mahogany and Maple. Finish is 100% pure Tung Oil.


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Andy , those are simply amazing ! Great job and great gift idea.

Wish there was a few pics of the build process though :)
Good job, the way you matched the bottoms with the sides is really clever. I hadn't thought about it before ,but by cutting rings it would work out. Sure makes an interesting pattern and color combination.. Make some more.
Andy those are great. They have the WOW factor. :smile:
I'd like to see the steps involved to do that!!
Andy those bowls are exceptional - agree with the others - a how to showing the process would be great.
Beautiful, Andy. I agree with Herb, the pattern is very interesting.
Beautiful. No doubt your sister-in-law will be "bowled over" when she receives those :)
Those are fantastic! I'm like the others, I'd like to see the process steps.

These are so elegant and beautifully done! Thank you for posting the photos. Me, too, I'd appreciate if you could
give us a bit more step by step so we can truly visualize the process you used. Keep up the great work!

Thanks to all for the very kind words. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures during the build process. However, I'll draw up something in Sketchbook and post it later.
Just do them again and take pics or do a Falkner vid. Simple. lol
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Those are some of the most interesting and beautiful turned bowls I've seen. Add me to the list of wanna-sees for more pictures of the process. Thanks for sharing this.
You guys are way too kind. Much of what I know about woodworking, I learned on the internet, so I'm paying it forward. Here are detailed instructions along with illustrations to make a checkered bowl. See the attached PDF.


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Thanks for the file, Andy!!
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