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Box joint

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Hi Mark
Last Sunday I recorded the Router Workshop on PBS but my wife erased it before I could make a note of the lap-joint you used on one of the boxes.The joint consisted of a rabbeted joint that you said was stronger than the normal butt-joint. The whole programme was about three styles of boxes for Pencils, jewelry and playing cards. Is there any chance of buying the DVD of that programme? Please let me know. Bruce
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Hi brukitch

This is just a Butt In post for Mark :)

I think this is the one you are talking about ▼
Most of the 100 can be order via email.

106 - Pen Storage

While a rabbet-dado joint may sound like woodworking talk, this strongest-of-all method of joining two pieces of wood provides a powerful argument for the versatility of the router.
Such a joint, used in this show to make a fascinating pencil box, needs five separate cuts to produce on a table saw, but can be made, virtually measurement free, with two cuts using a table-mounted router.

RWS Episode Guide ▼

1401. Boxes Inside Boxes

Series 1400

The latest series from "the Router Workshop".

Plans for this series are not available.

It is intriguing to open a box and find another box inside and yet another box inside the second one.
This idea lends itself to creativity with the choice of wood and joinery.
A simple rabbet joint and a double dado have been used to separate the lid from the box bottom. Of course, the trick is to size the boxes so they fit inside one another.
A smaller box joined at the corners with a combination joint and a rabbeted lid can be used to store a deck of cards or other small objects.
For router tips on building unique boxes watch Episode #1401 on the Router Workshop.

Bj :)
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