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Hi brukitch

This is just a Butt In post for Mark :)

I think this is the one you are talking about ▼
Most of the 100 can be order via email.

106 - Pen Storage

While a rabbet-dado joint may sound like woodworking talk, this strongest-of-all method of joining two pieces of wood provides a powerful argument for the versatility of the router.
Such a joint, used in this show to make a fascinating pencil box, needs five separate cuts to produce on a table saw, but can be made, virtually measurement free, with two cuts using a table-mounted router.

RWS Episode Guide ▼

1401. Boxes Inside Boxes

Series 1400

The latest series from "the Router Workshop".

Plans for this series are not available.

It is intriguing to open a box and find another box inside and yet another box inside the second one.
This idea lends itself to creativity with the choice of wood and joinery.
A simple rabbet joint and a double dado have been used to separate the lid from the box bottom. Of course, the trick is to size the boxes so they fit inside one another.
A smaller box joined at the corners with a combination joint and a rabbeted lid can be used to store a deck of cards or other small objects.
For router tips on building unique boxes watch Episode #1401 on the Router Workshop.

Bj :)
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