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Boxes for church

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A minister friend said he was starting a new small church that would be probably mostly be for former prisoners. He and I do prison ministry together.

He asked for a box for collecting offerings and for prayer request.

So I made two boxes. One is made of spalted maple and the other is made of birdseye maple. Both have cherry tops and tiger maple for the bottoms.

The hardest part was making a template for cutting a cross in the tops. I had made a box similar to these years ago, but I probably threw away the template because I didn't think I would be called on to make another box with a cross in the lid. I used a router with a bushing for cutting the cross.

The finish on the inside of the boxes was 3-coats of shellac. The outside of them was about 5-coats of Zar oil-base poly diluted 50/50 with mineral spirits.

Malcolm / Kentucky USA


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The box is beautiful, simple shape but elegant. The wood is absolutely fantastic.
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Always amazing work . Well a work of art would Express it better .Doug said it best , hard to add
As Stick would say ------ Sweet!
Beautiful work but personally I would prefer all the same wood, either type.
Very beautiful! I love the contrast between the different woods and you always make them look so good.

Nice job. For the collection box I would have made a larger opening - the box will be traveling along a line of seated people and I feel that size opening would slow things down a bit.
Very nice. I like the contrast of the wood and the corner joints. Great job!!!!

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Ditto on the compliments, and I like the double splines on the corners.
Malcolm as always your boxes show your attention to detail. Good choices for woods on these boxes, I love the contrast between the maples and the cherry.
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Malcolm, you always do the the most beautiful work, and for great cause too. I like the contrasting woods and the corners are frosting on the cake, splendid.

My complements on the boxes with the design, finish, cross, etc. I am a bit of a fan of contrasting woods myself.
Also, allow me to complement you on the prison ministry. Prayers for it.
The church will probably start with 20 or so members so I think everyone can take their time putting money in the boxes.
Excellent work that will be re,embedded by many.

Your boxes are always a pleasure to look at. Some great work.
Thanks for posting them.

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