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Bub said:
Hi Tom - largest is 1 1/2" o.d. all the way down to 1/4".
That looks like 37mm as the largest which is good as other set that I have seen is about 20mm being the largest. During my time doing demonstrations at wood shows I was constantly asked 'Why do you need a 40mm Guide'?
Four simple answers were given.
1/ A greater range of cutters can be used
2/ You can see most of the cutters in action during the process
3/ The 'Swarf' will dispell more easily and not build up and overheat the cutter
4/ The most important Small 1/4" cutters which are usually small in length can be used with greater safety as the router chuck will penetrate through the guide to give the depth required.
There was a fifth reason I added lately but I do not recall it at this stage (Old Age)
You will also require other size guides. The more guides you have will increase the number of projects that you can complete.
My preference is to use metric guides and metric cutters as it is much easier to do the calculations No 64ths 32nds 16ths etc.

Just a note I do all my template guide work in the plunge mode. Over the year I have submitted pics to the forum all projects are completed with the use of the guides for at least 90% of the work.Hope this information has been of help to you
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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