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brass knurled knobs

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Hi. I/m a first time user.
really like your forum. What I'm looking for are Brass knurled knobs. I'm from canada so would like to know where to get them in Canada.
The only place that I find these are in the U.S. at rockler,but I then pay through the nose for shipping across the border, duty and what ever else they can think of to get them to Alberta Canada. I went this route a couple of times and each time the border charges was more than the item I purchased was. Lee valley has them but only 1/4 x 20 with a 7/8 length of thread. I need 1/4x20x2'' length of thread. Like I said Rockler has them, but the cost of getting them here is outrageous. hope sombody can help.
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Hi general2
You may want to try the links below I'm sure you will find what you want in Canada, it may take a bit of work on the Net..

Bj :)
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