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Peter, I do not believe either company will ship the larger Oak Park/Veritas style brass guide bushings to Oz. The more you learn about working with guide bushings the more you will want the larger sizes. These bushings mount in a 1-1/2" through hole and this allows for easier viewing and dust extraction. Add to that the extra combinations you get with the larger sizes and it is an easy decision. There are also hole reducing bushings available. Lee Valley/Veritas has the best prices but Oak Park offers additional sizes. My gift to forums members is I re-ship items for actual cost using the US Postal Service, insured. While this costs extra since you pay two shipping charges it makes these items available which otherwise would not be. Contact me for details if you are interested by clicking on my name, selecting public profile, the contact info tab and choose send an email.

Oak Park Enterprises Ltd.: Catalogue
1-3/4" Brass Template Guides - Lee Valley Tools
Inlay Sets - Lee Valley Tools
1-3/4" Router Plate Inserts - Lee Valley Tools
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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