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Brass set up bars

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Reading some of the old posting about a Dream Workship,and equipment most desired, comments were made about having brass set up bars. What are these and haow are they used and where cna I see them.
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Hi Pat

You can see them used on the RWS
The Router Workshop Episode Guide

You can buy them from the Oak-Park sales and many other router parts outlets.

Brass Router Height Set-Up Kit

Bj :)
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Hello Pat,

You can buy them from MLCS, but beware that their catalog prices them at $17.95, but the website lists them for $4.00 more. I don't know why. The positive side is they have free shipping. The bars can also be purchased from Eagle America for $17.95, but they charge for shipping. Brass set up bars are used to determine exact heights of the router bits from the table top, as well as other measurements. They are unaffected by moisture and retain their dimension. They also do not damage your bits (much) if you accidently hit them with the bar.

Hartville has them too...
Two sizes... $8.99 & $12.99 (2.5" & 4" long)...
Whiteside sells a set of the brass set up bars and you can get them from your local Woodcraft store as well. Of course there is nothing wrong with buying them direct from Oak Park, and you can pick up one of the router books at the same time. It is a real pleasure speaking with Wendy and Sandy. Both are highly knowledgeable about all the Router Workshop products and can answer any questions. You can also purchase direct on the web.
Thanks all for clarifying what the "brass bars" are used for and where to buy them. I knew I had read about them somewhere before, but one of those "Brain Lapses" and now I know the whys and wherefors. Thanks again, Pat
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