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Hi, this is my first post, I just purchased my first router, and ordered the build your own table kit from Oak Park. I don't even own a router bit, yet.
I will need some advice. Buckets
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Hello buckets and welcome to the forums. Feel free to ask any questions you have. In order to recieve any advice, it is probably best to start a thread with all your questions.
Hi Buckets

If you just ordered the table kit you may want to ask them to add on a book and a video/dvd of one of the shows...see links below ▼
They are great and they will help you get started, once you read one or view one you will jump up and want to use your new router system. :)

The how to make boxes video is the I recommend to start off with.

Good Luck with your new router table and router .

Bj :)
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thanks for the welcome, I did order a book along with the kit, and I'm reading all the web info. thanks, Buckets
Welcome to the forums buckets. Glad you joined us. By the way, what router did you buy? Be "SAFE" and enjoy.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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