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Hi there fraternity

Sander resurrection

Just a short one, thought someone might be interested.

Many years ago, I bought a 3-phase floor standing sander. 12-inch dia disc to the front and flat bed at the rear. £50. Turned out to be a piece of crap. Got it home and set it up. Yes, it ran, badly, it screamed and it clattered. Rear bed was way off and threw off belts. I used it mainly for the front sanding disc.

Well I had enough when it ripped my last belt and they were expensive due to not being standard length. So, decided that the clattering was enough and after getting into the guts I found out the problem was the rear flat bed, it weighted a ton and it was hanging down and wearing out the spindle shaft bearings. And you can see what caused the screaming from the photo.

So, decided to give it one last chance and stripped off the rear bed and disposed of it.

Went to my local bearing shop, only to find I had the most unique set of bearings in the hole universe. Eventually got some and stripped the shaft out and set the new bearing in. Job done except I now had this 5/8-inch shaft sticking out the back.

Choices were cut it flush or I always wanted a buffer, so did a bit of buffer surfing, and found out there was not a standard shaft, so decided on a 1/2-inch chuck which I could set at any dia. I had a few chucks lying around so retapped one and cut an equal thread on the shaft after grinding it down to 5/8 inch. I decided to bore the end of the shaft and tapped it to accept a bolt to secure the chuck in place.

I fitted a wire wheel and gave it a try, fine except crap thrown everywhere. I took a short length of 12inch pvc underground drainage and cut it to size and heat treated it to my smaller diameter and bolted it on to the main body by boring and tapping.

It works a treat, both front and back and has a new lease of life. I admit it doesn’t look particularly grand, but it serves a purpose and its kept me busy for a few days.



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