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Building a Fence for My Router Table-Split Fence? Or One Piece?

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For quite a while now I've just used a simple MDF fence clamped to my router table and cut out the space on the vertical piece to fit the router bit I was using. Dust collection was usually a shop vac hose duct taped to the back of the fence.
Now that I've moved into my new shop, I'd like to design and build a better router fence with improved dust collection (e.g. a 2 1/2 port on the back of the fence connected to dust collection).

Have seen videos of both split fences and solid fences being used.

What's your preference? and why?

Do you prefer a split fence that adjusts to the bit size you're using? Or (like me) do you use a solid fence, and create a zero clearance fence overlay out of 1/4 mdf to fit the bit you're using on a project, then keep or throw away the overlay when you're done?
Thanks in advance for the help guys.
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Hello and welcome to the router forum
I prefer a split fence my vacuum cleaner is set up to the backside to clear the sawdust trouble with the solid fence it is hard to figure out a way to extract the sawdust and I always can attach a solid fence to it
Most the work I do is edge work and if you are working the center of work piece there really no way to attach a vacuum cleaner, like a dado sawdust follows
the groove
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