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I am thinking of building a shop, and was looking for suggestions of how much room I need, the best layout, electricity, or any advice you might have on setting up a shop. I have alot of my tools listed on my profile to give you an idea of what I have. There is a PSI dust collection system that I am not sure how to set up either. My slide compound saw is mounted to a 10 foot table with built in rulers, and there is a 6 foot table for a table saw (I think.. it has steel plates on it and rulers) with the Exact-I-Rip attached to it. Or could that be a router table? All other bigger tools are attached to stands as well if that is an option for them. Plus there is a big blue filter that I am not sure how to hook it up.

Thanks ahead for any tips you might have! I am new to this, and figured I have been given this gift of tools, I should do something with them!

You have some pretty nice tools. The blue filter is hung from the ceiling (if it's the one I think it is) and should be controlled by a wall switch. You might also want to wire your dust collection with two 3-way switches so that you can turn it on from different parts of your shop (if it's a stationary install). For all the 110 volt tools just make sure you have enough plug-ins in places where they are likely to be set up. For 220 volt tools you usually need to have a permanent spot in mind, although you can run an extension cord to them too. I do that with my 16" planer. If your dust collector is to be a stationary install then keep in mind where the hoses are going to have to go to avoid tripping hazards.
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