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You need as big a building as you can get. No matter the size, you will fill it up. On the other side, whatever the size, you will make do.
Kind of like computer advice, get the fastest and the most memory you can afford.
With shops it would be, get the most space you can afford.

There are many books and magazines that deal with shop layout. Go to the library or book store and spend some time reading and taking notes.

The layout of your shop has a lot to do with what type of woodworking you do, and what machines you use the most, or the least.

I have seen some great shops while going on YouTube looking for other topics, like "dust collection", or "router tables", or "workshops". You can get some great ideas just watching the videos and paying attention to whats in the background.

No matter how well you plan it out, you will likely make several changes after using it for a while.
Good luck, and have fun.
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