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Alexis, if you run across any woodworking book that you want to own a copy of, do not go to a new bookstore to buy. Instead, find a good used bookstore. The new books are usually pricey, but used books, even the same books, always seem to be $10, or less. Some of the books were apparently looked at, then sold to a used bookstore, they looked brand new. Or, if you want a larger choice, then shop for used books on-line. I used to make trips in to Raleigh, to visit the used bookstore of choice, and usually buy. I found out I can buy on-line, and even with shipping, I was paying less than going to Raleigh, because I didn't need gas. I've got woodworking books dating back to around 1900 or so, and I don't think I paid about $15 for any of them, shipping included, but most were less than that. I have bought new books, but not on woodworking, those I could always find used.

Side note, bought a number of books on wooden boat building, long ago, all used. At least one book I paid $3 (three) for is now priced at over $300 (three hundred). Others are now priced at $100 and up.
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