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Builtin cabinets usually refer to book shelves and things like that that are permanently attached to the walls and would most likely be sold with the house. Kitchen cabinets are builtin cabinets but because they are in the kitchen are not usually classified as builtin. Many cabinet and shelving units next to fireplaces that are not free standing but attached to the walls would be an example of builtin. It is just a word game as both the fireplace cabinets/shelves and the kitchen cabinets are both builtin. If you built free standing cabinets at the bottom and shelves at the top and they are not attached are not considered builtins and would most likely be taken by the previous owner of a house to their new house. In the US we tend to leave appliances and such with a home we sell where other places take everything that is not nailed down. It is just custom of the locals that determine what we leave and take.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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