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bull nose

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I want to make a bull nose for a tread. But when I cut the plywood and stain, the sides get very dark. How to avoid the dark side on the is my intention to do it from a 3/4 and 1/4 inches. glue them ip and use a router bit to give the shape of bull nose. The problem is the stain. How to avoid the dark side. How to avoid that part of the bull nose to suck up too much stain
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Sorry Pedro, I am not a stain guy...but maybe you need to put a solid wood nosing on the front of the treads to hide the end grain of the plywood. You should get a better color match.
Pedro, you will need solid wood for a bullnose. It can be glued to your plywood with biscuits to add strength. The only way to stop the stain from becoming so dark on the edge of plywood is to use a clear sealer first so the stain can not penetrate. An excellent web site for information is
I've read that you can dilute wood glue with water to paint over the end grain to prepare your wood before staining and keep it from absorbing too much stain. (The article didn't mention plywood, though). These are the amounts they used: wood glue (1 part) and water (10 parts). The article also said you may reduce the amount of water and use 1 part wood glue and 5 parts water if you want to prevent even more stain from penetrating the end wood grain. I haven't tried it yet, but plan to if the need arises.
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