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Burning while ripping on the TS

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I have posted about this before and I may have found a solution. Tell me what you think (even if it's bad). LOL After posting about this last time I tuned my TS to the best of my ability. Yeah I know that may not be good enough. :surprise: The blade is square to the table, and square to the mitre slot, and the fence with the fence having a plus 5 th. on the outfeed. I am using a Freud Premier Fusion full kerf blade. After doing all of this I still got burning so I decided to you my Freud full kerf ripping blade. If I don't mess up feeding I don't get burning. I hate having to switch blades but I hate getting burning off worse.
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What are you cutting? How thick?
If you are satisfied with the fence, blade alignment and feed rate, that only leaves the blade. In my experience, the Tenryu 24 tooth full kerf rip blade will give you a much better cut than any red blade. Actually, almost any other decent rip blade (Amana, Forrest WWII, Infinity, Carbide Processor s, etc) will far out perform those crappy red blades.
Fine Woodworking did a comparison on all the popular combo blades, in the current issue. The Freud red blade was rated #1for cleanest rip and crosscut. It was downrated for slow rip rate. They offered the Forrest or the Ridge as faster ripping alternatives at the cost of a little rougher cut. My only experiene with Freud was a 12" in a miter saw. It was thin kerf and had no stabilizers, so it was probably partially my fault for a bad choice, but the it was terrible. I could never get a repeatable cut. A standard kerf Forrest fixed all.

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