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Burning while ripping on the TS

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I have posted about this before and I may have found a solution. Tell me what you think (even if it's bad). LOL After posting about this last time I tuned my TS to the best of my ability. Yeah I know that may not be good enough. :surprise: The blade is square to the table, and square to the mitre slot, and the fence with the fence having a plus 5 th. on the outfeed. I am using a Freud Premier Fusion full kerf blade. After doing all of this I still got burning so I decided to you my Freud full kerf ripping blade. If I don't mess up feeding I don't get burning. I hate having to switch blades but I hate getting burning off worse.
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Is Charles M still on the forums?
Fine Woodworking did a comparison on all the popular combo blades, in the current issue. The Freud red blade was rated #1for cleanest rip and crosscut. It was downrated for slow rip rate. They offered the Forrest or the Ridge as faster ripping alternatives at the cost of a little rougher cut. My only experiene with Freud was a 12" in a miter saw. It was thin kerf and had no stabilizers, so it was probably partially my fault for a bad choice, but the it was terrible. I could never get a repeatable cut. A standard kerf Forrest fixed all.

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I don't buy red either...
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