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bushing help

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I just found this forum. I hope someone can answer my question. I am making a heart out of birch and placing it into a piece of rosewood. I have the PC bushing set but am unsure of how to use it. The only bit I have that is long enough is a 1/4" spiral. I tried using the 3/4" OD and 1/2" OD and the "heart" didn't fit into the rosewood. I'm not sure what to do. I've read how to calculate the offset but don't know what exactly that means. I need to do this ASAP, the wedding is only a few weeks away. The rest of the project is built, I'm kind of desperate. Can anyone help? Thanks.
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Here is a few places to look for some ideas of how this works:
and even better:

If you are still having trouble let us know.

Hi: The formular for the offset is: the outside diameter of the bushing minus the size of the bit used, divided by two. ie the off set with the 3/4" bushing and 1/4" bit would be 1/4". 3/4 -1/4= 1/2 divided by 2 = 1/4. The offset of the 1/2" bushing and the 1/4" bit would be 1/8". I assume that you have a template of the heart shape that you want to use. that template must be used to cut both the the material you want to remove and the material you want to inlay. The material to be removed must be done with the large bushing, and the inlay cut with a smaller bushing, both must be cut at the exact same depth. If you use a 1" bushing and a 1/2" bit the offset would be 1/4" to cut the material to be removed for the inlay. the router base must span the cut out portion of the material. The change to a 3/4" bushing and a 1/4" bit and cut the material to be inlayed keeping the bushing tight to the template.
Hope this helps you out.. Woodnut65
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