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Go to the member list and look up "Template Tom" view the threads he started, and you will see a bunch of good information on template usage.

Templates are a great time saver if you are doing multiple items, but they also come in handy for a lot of other applications. It is much easier to refine and tune up a pattern made out of MDF or hardboard, then cut your expensive piece of stock, plus it is a lot easier to recover from a mistake.

The most important thing to do when using your templates is to make sure that they are exactly centered around your bit. you may have to nudge your baseplate a little bit to get it exactly right.

I have used templates for numerous projects, from cutting out propeller shapes for airplane bookshelves, to carving out recesses in jewelry boxes or cribbage boards, and even cutting out complex curves in speaker cabinets. The last project I did for my daughters were two "storybook" bookshelves from one of the wood working magazines, and I made a template of the door and window openings once, and cut the openings on all eight pieces.

The possibility is endless, and it is a lot easier than it sounds. Use your imagination and give it a try.
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