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Busy Day....

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Kitchen Remodel Update....

Wow, the kitchen remodel has been kicking my butt. Just getting back to it after a herniated disk back in November. Thank God the wife is patient!

Here is the start of it all when I tore back in September when I tore out the old cabinets ( some are now in the shop) and the bulk head that was there. The were the original cabinets installed in about 1964.

Since then I have completely re-done the ceiling, installed a new window and trimmed it out. Installed a new ceiling fan, painted the room and added crown molding. That's about the time I hurt my back. I will be putting in all new appliances and cabinets and flooring and a new entry door.

Last weekend I hung some unfinished oak cabinets (with the aid of my 21 year old). This weekend I made some cove molding and some round over bead molding on the router table and installed those along the top of the cabinets. Also took an extra door I bought at the home center and took about a 1/2 inch off each stile and made a neat matching end panel on the unfinished end. Usually you put a 1/4 inch oak plywood panel on the end to cover the MDF. Really dresses up otherwise plain stock cabinets. On to the staining and finishing tomorrow and Monday and then I will post a pic or two of my progress! Busy Busy Busy. Now you know why I only get limited time in the shop lately :) Gotta keep momma happy!

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That is a monsterous undertaking. I'll bet you have worn your welcome out at all the eating out establishments in your area. :cool:
LOL.....yeah... we are down to carry out now! :)

Holy, looks like there is a lot of work there Corey :p
There is Mark...or was... half of it is done now. I am on the down hill slide now.... I think!

I'm thinking of doing the same thing to my kitchen this summer. I wanted to build my own cabinets, but my wife wants the project finished before my 2 year old grandson graduates college. Any tips you have at the end would be appreciated.
I will do that RMaxa. One thing if considering making your cabs is room. You may have all the tools but it takes lots of room to store and work on a dozen or more cabinets. Something to think about. That is the biggest reason I didnt. I bought a stock unfinished oak cabinet and replaced some of the hardware and tricked them out with moldings etc. that I made.

You certainly have taken on a big challenge and I agree you do need lots of space.
Enclosed is one of the many kitchens I have completed but I could not have done it without a great deal of space
Thanks Tom, kitchens are a big undertaking aren't they! Bathrooms are the only thing worse...that's what I started with... gutted it down to the floor rafters. Turned out great though. That's a great looking kitchen, what was the secondary timber you used to trim those out with?

Well the thing goes on, I have been spending the last few weeks working on the upper cabinets. Just about got all the doors done with the staining and poly. Here are afew shots of the progress. Let me make one thing clear, the color choice is not mine OK, it's what the queen wanted and that's what she got! Finish the doors on the uppers this week, nextweek under cabinet lighting and a new hood on above the stove. Then it's on to the heavy duty stuff, the base cabinets, new stove, dishwasher and new plumbing. Once that is done then it is on to the flooring and a new 6 panel oak door. I will say, it's a real pain in the butt trying to live in the middle of a kitchen remodel!

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Lookin good Corey. The crown molding is a really nice touch and what's wrong with the color?
George I am actually getting used to it. Our house is pretty conservative in the finishes. In the living room and hallways remodel that I finished a year ago last fall, it was all I could do to get myself to paint the dark wine color on one wall but it turned out awesome. She wanted this orange color and when i first learned of it I flipped out... said no way in heck am I going to spend all that time and work and have it ORANGE! Well as you can see she won....... she has built this all around the dishes which is the pottery and dishware of Homer Laughlin or otherwise known as Fiestaware. I bought her a bunch of it for Christmas.
Anyway, I am actually liking it and by the time it is done with the floor, counter tops, backsplash etc. I think it will actually all work and look nice.... I keep telling myself that!

Besides, I got a Gifkin jig out of it.... told her after I painted it that I need a new tool to get me over the hump :)

Thanks for the kind words George!


That is a first class job on the cabinets so far. The Queen's color isn't all that bad and it will grow on you over time. Sounds like you still have a good ways to go and I do not envy one bit. It is seeing and hearing posts like yours that keep reminding me to never attempt this job, but get a good and fast contractor when my time comes.

You have done well my friend.
Looking good there Corey!! :D
Those pictures bring back the memories. Those style of cabinets is what was in my kitchen before I started. They were good in structure, but blah in appeal. I decided that rather spend the $$ for the cabinets that I would make the doors and drawers and do some fancier upgrades. For me it was a strip the cabinets, prime, and paint job. There had to be something like 6 layers of paint on there. I was glad that whoever did the painting originally did not prime or use a good primer. Most of the old paint came off with a plastic putty knife. I made new drawers with roller slides, added the tiled back splash, did a counter top upgrade, all new trim, and installed a door to separate the laundry room. What a chore and I know exactly what your are talking about. It looks great and way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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