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busy in shop!

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I have been making boxes and baskets - still. All of these will go to special people.

I tried a slightly different design. I made 8-sided baskets with 1" wide pieces in the corners, but without splines. I like the way the grain pattern just flows on around the basket. I made several others. The box with candy with it I made for my wife for our anniversary. I generally make a couple baskets or boxes each day.

Malcolm / Kentucky / USA


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Very nice Malcolm.
Love the wood choices, Malcolm, and the work is top notch, as usual. Great job on these!

I say this every time there are boxes posted.....I really need to make some boxes for my grand kids. They range from 8 to 16 and would enjoy their own home made boxes to store their small treasures. Where is that book........Great job as always Malcolm.
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Malcolm, Do you use birdsmouth router bits for the corners on the baskets?
Malcolm, those are really nice. Filling the boxes with candy, chocolates, little treasures makes a great present for a kid or adult. I realy like the knobs for handles.
Beautiful pieces. I really like the basket design and the wood is just spectacular.
Always appreciate seeing your projects Malcolm. Well done!
Beautiful boxes as always and nice pictures to show them off.
Well done beautiful done
Very nice boxes. The design in pictures 3 and 4 can be easily morphed into a tissue box. For this application, there is no bottom and the top will have a slot to extract the tissue. I probably have made 6-8 of these tissue boxes. The joinery was typically different on each box. It was a good opportunity to experiment with joinery.
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