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After a long period of research, I bought a Laguna 14-12. I went with an engineer friend to the Laguna warehouse and we looked at a number of the smaller saws. He was amazed at the quality of components and the way it is built. The bearings are heavy duty, for example, and the cool block blade guides are a world above even the Carter Guides I put on my now retired Delta. I found the Laguna on sale so it was just under $1,000. I was able to have it loaded on my truck at Rockler, and found a series of 14 videos that show how to assemble it single handed. Be sure to get the roll around base. I have the 3/4 resaw blade and a half and quarter inch blade for it. I have a Laguna 10 inch Fusion table saw that is a great saw that can be rewired to 220v, but has ample power at 110v. It is really what sold me on the brand.

Definitely go for the Laguna. There is a new model with a disk brake so you can stop it fast, but I'm not sure it is worthwhile. Don't bother with their light, it is hot. The picture shows how I added a light. I used the four mounting holes for the hot light so I didn't have to drill anything, and I found the lamp at Target for $13, and put the LED spotlight in it. Huge amount of light, cool to the touch, can move it a bit to see better, and I put a small toggle switch into the box. The light plugs into the outlet on the post and there is even a hold down on it for the cord.

This is clearly the best saw in the category, at least to me. Rikon ranked second in my research process, but I just don't think it is as well built. Laguna puts the 14-12 on sale for 10% off now and again, but even at full price, it is to me at least, the best of the lot.
I have to purchace a bandsaw someday , and I was going to stay all green , but after seeing this I'm sold on the Laguna ;)
Sure liking there fence , and the quality of the machine looks first rate , but I'm no expert .

Are there Jointers good too?
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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