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Hey Tom..... a year and a half ago or there abouts I was pretty much in your shoes. Looking to buy a new bandsaw. Here are a couple of threads about my adventures.

the process:

the purchase:

Along with the 3 saws I mention Laguna 14/12, Powermatic 14 and the Grizzly 17", I'd look at the Grizzly 14's as well. Notably the 555. Folks who have any one of these saws are all pleased with them. I went with a Grizzly GO513X2 17". The saw has performed beautifully for me. Plenty of power, tracks beautifuly resawing (which is what the saw is primarily used for). Easily set up and comfortable in use. The saw itself is big and heavy. Quiet enough while in use.

My opion is that the Laguna and Powermatic and neck and neck in quality of components with Powermatic having an historical edge, however Laguna may be the better saw of late. Grizzly has a great saw, BUT they have had enough issues for it to be at least a consideration but hardly a deal breaker. Knowing what I know now, I'd buy my 17" Grizzly again without batting an eye. I do wish I had gone with a foot brake, no doubt about that. Excelent lighting and/or an additional light for cutting is a must regardless of brand.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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