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Hi Phil, welcome. Wow, answers immediately. If you are already restricting cut depth, and the bits have been used for awhile, consider cleaning them with a bit cleaner. If, like many of us, you tried out the set on green wood, it could easily have picked up some resin, which then gets baked onto the bit. Scrub with a toothbrush and lubricate any bearing with a good bearing oil. Peachtree has a nice oil:,aps,206&sr=8-2

Here's a link to the cleaner from Amazon:,aps,204&sr=8-1

Most good quality bits can be sharpened either by a service or by you with a diamond card. You don't stroke it on the edge (it would change the profile), but on the exposed flat of each carbide section. Usually only a few strokes are required. But Stick gave a good criteria for sharpness. Last picture is of a diamond sharpener in use. I prefer to lay the card on a table for this. Link to Trend sharpening card:,aps,208&sr=8-4

I have a similar set from Sommerfeld, and that glass cutter is really thin.


1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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