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Cabinet table saw

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Has any one have any thought"s on a 10 inch Grizzly table saw,,,And what brand router bits are used in router work shop ??? Tom , thanks ;)
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When I upgraded my table saw, I was originally planning on getting a Grizzly 1023 series table saw. I had checked them out at the Muncy PA store on one of my pilgrimages to the tent sale they have. I was impressed with the size and mass of all the pieces, and the general overall quality.

I didn't end up buying the saw, because the delivery time at the time I was ready to purchase was a bit longer than I wanted to wait, and during that time I got a deal too good to pass up on my second choice of table saw.

I don't think you'ld be dissapointed with the grizzly saw. I have the 14 inch ultimate bandsaw, a 1-1/2 HP dust collector and a drill press from grizzly, all respectable tools in their own right. If you get a chance, go to one of their showrooms. It's a neat experience to be able to see their entire inventory on display.

As for the router bits used on the router workshop, I know oak park used to sell bits, don't know if they still do. Most of your major bit brands have a majority of the profiles that Bob and Rick use available.
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Thanks KP91,,,,,,, Ill take a look and tell u what i found...For the price they look great. but wanted to know if any one had one, thanks again Tom ....
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