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Dave, the easiest method is to purchase a bit kit from one of the manufacturers such as MLCS. There are jigs available for creating cathedral tops for the doors. I would invest in a book from an expert such as Bill Hylton and follow his advice.

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Hi Dave

Here's a link or two that will help, the Sommerfeld DVD is one of the best.

Just side note****
DON'T use Vise Grips to hold router bits :(
as you will see in the link below, I can't think of a quicker way to screw up a router bit, make a jig out of Oak to clamp the bit in a bench vise.
(drill a true 1/2" OR 1/4" hole in some Oak stock then split it with a band saw down the center then clamp it up in the vise)

Raised Panel Doors
How-To-DVD/VHS videos

Bj :)
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