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Caitlyn's Transitional Crib

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This is a picture of my 1st real woodworking project. I decided to make a crib for my daughter Caitlyn . It is made out of white oak, and is finished with amber shellac. I am very proud of this, and I cannot wait to work on my next project. I did find out that white oak is kind of hard to work with and noticed that the wood would shatter if I did not use the proper feed rate and/or took too much material off at one time on the router. I messed up 3 stiles that way when routing them. I had extra wood, so I just made 3 more... lesson learned. Take your time and do extra passes with less material removal on a pass.



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Nice job on the crib,,,, I am sure the family will enjoy it for a lot of generations to come,,,
and I aggree with you on the white oak,,, I have lots of it,, and lots of red oak, among others,,, I myself like the red over the white for most projects,, just because of the way it machines,,,,
Nice crib, DAD

Congratulations on a job "well done". That is one fine looking crib. I like the arc on the back rail. Nice touch. After making 55 stiles, are you an expert now? :D I to have a "Caitlin" only spelt with a 'i' in place of your 'y'. Also she is my "Granddaughter". Again, fine looking crib.

the "Doctor"

PS: Welcome to the forums DAD.
Because no one else has asked, I must assume that I'm the only one who needs to ask how you turned the styles.
Very Nice Dad

Now the trick is to keep them in it, little curtain climbers :)

I would like to know the same as Harry ? ?

This is what I use to get the job done, on the drill press , ▼ at one time I used my Shop Smith to do that type of job also,because I could clamp it to the table,in a small guide board jig.


JUST a NOTE**** Bob and Rick made a neat jig to get pins on the styles just right in the center of the style and right on the right spacing, neat jig, it's was done with a plunge router, it was for a table but it would work for just about any job like the one you did Dad. :)

Plus Rick made a glue up jig for the same type of joint, when you have many items to line up at one time :).
Episode 1106/1107 Chair-side Table, 2 Parts

A fine oak furniture piece with a modern touch, the chair-side table can be used in the bedroom, the living room or the family recreation room. Router joinery by Bob and Rick Rosendahl make this table sturdy and esthetic by incorporating mortise and tenon joinery with the router.
Watch episodes #1106 and #1107 for design and construction details.
1106. Chair-side Table Part 1
1107. Chair-side Table, Part 2

Bj :)
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Hey Dad,

Beautiful JOB!!

That's a lot of M & T's to do... did you do them by hand?
... in any event, you're now an expert at M & T's! :D

What are you going to make next?
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